Woodhill Art Exhibition 2021

Saturday afternoon, December 4th, at 1 p.m. the incredible Marty Winkler will be performing a few numbers. Her new CDs will be available for purchase.

art show

Ansley Williams (Songbird Soaps)

We are a small family owned business established in 1999. We offer a variety of natural body care products. Treat yourself to our handmade, hand cut soaps. They are made with only the finest quality oils and only pure essential oils. These oils are added to ensure your body gets the beneficial properties it needs and deserves.

Among our other products, we also make and carry Body Oils, Sachets, Spirit Spritz, Lavender Roll-Ons, Soy and Beeswax Pillar Candles as well as Gift Sets for those special occasions.

Songbird Soaps began as a desire to provide natural products to family and friends, in response to mass-produced products that contain hidden or unhealthy ingredients, such as chemicals, detergents, petroleum, additives and preservatives that tend to have negative long-term effects on the human body.

The mission of Songbird Soaps is to provide quality products that are beneficial to the human body and to provide you with healthy alternatives to mass-produced products. We strive to make the finest of soaps, candles and body care products.

Songbird Soaps are found throughout the south and growing. Feel free to contact us regarding questions, comments or special orders. Blessing to you and Enjoy!

Barbara Odil

When limb separates from trunk, falls on the ground or is carried by water, it begins an evolution. Nature starts the decay process; wind earth, water, and fire alter it and wear away the outer layers. Insects carve intricate patterns in the wood; ocean creatures make it their home. This wood is the basis and inspiration for my sculptures.

Each sculpture is composed of materials wild harvested from their environment of forest floor, seashore, or desert sands. Through the process of observing, caressing, and contemplating the found branches and roots, I begin a collaborative creative dance with them. Then the physical working of the wood begins, first with kiln curing, sanding, carving and assembling. Finally the sculpture emerges; and is finished with oils, stains or shellacs.

Dortha Jacobson

Dortha excelled in art, drawing, painting and sculpting in various mediums. She also loved teaching and so majored in Art Education. She graduated from Penn State and soon after, Temple University where she acquired her Master’s Degree. After teaching for several years, she took a break to raise children and follow her husband around the country with new job prospects.

Starting in the mid 90’s, she discovered the joys of travelling to other states and many foreign countries. This opened up new visions for painting. To further enrich her education, she studied with well-known artists and engaged in workshops. One of the most influential experiences was a workshop in 2019 on Monhegan Island with Stan Moeller, an internationally known oil painter.

She is currently residing in Winterville, GA near the UGA campus. She has found joy painting in her studio and participating in plein air painting with other artists. She began an annual open house reception of her studio. For the past 4 years has been teaching painting classes at a community cultural center for seniors.

Greg Krakow

Greg Krakow has been designing batik on children and adult clothing since 1972. White cotton is painted with a mixture of hot beeswax and paraffin wax, then dyed with bright and fade resistant Procion fiber reactive dyes. The wax is then removed by boiling the garments.

Leigh Ellis

Leigh Ellis is a well-known watercolorist and teacher who lives and paints in Oglethorpe County. She offers workshops with the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation, Watkinsville and across the Southeast. She held an 8 year position teaching painting and drawing, printmaking and photography with Athens Academy in the Fine Arts Department. She currently exhibits her paintings in Fine Art shows from Florida to North Carolina.

Her paintings have been exhibited in juried and private exhibits from Hawaii to Georgia, including 15 solo exhibits. Her works have received many awards throughout the Southeast. Leigh has illustrated 5 books for Menasha Ridge Press and one book, entitled, The Journeyman’s Path in 2002. She is a signature member of the Georgia Watercolor Society.

Wini McQueen

The stories that peak my interest are diverse and range from botanicals, literacy,race and biography but my commitment to the arts always, always,focuses on the manipulation of color as my ultimate challenge, my mode of exploration. This exhibit showcases stories retrospective of my life‘s experience in the form of artist books, photo fabric art collages and layered mixed media paintings in the contemporary genre.